Expo by Hanne Lunder & Gustavo Garcia Muñoz

Saturday July 8th, 2017 at La Antigua Galería de Arte in 5ª. Avenida Norte No. 29 by the Arch

La Antigua Galería de Arte is proud to present “El Hilo Turquesa” a joint exhibit, two different mediums with the same vision by Hanne Lunder (sculptor) and Gustavo García Muñoz (watercolor).

The name of the exhibit emerged from both artists due to the strong connection they have between Guatemala and Norway. In the case of Hanne Lunder “Hilo” (strand) represents her first visit to Guatemala and the love she has for the traditional textile, using mostly the color “Turquesa” (turquoise) in her pottery creations. In the other hand for Gustavo Garcia “Hilo” (strand) means the connection his paints have to tell a story of everyday events having “Turquesa“(turquoise) as the primary color.
These artists are members of a group called Puente Cultural Guatemala-Noruega which has already carried out several exhibitions and other cultural activities in those countries.

The exhibit opens Saturday July 8th at 4pm. Open until August 8th, 2017. Don´t miss the opportunity of meeting the artist, they will be present at the opening.

Visiting hours: Everyday from 9am to 7pm
La Antigua Galería de Arte
5a. Avenida Norte no. 29
Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7832- 5911

Art Pieces by Hanne Lunder


La Antigua Galeria

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