Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Buying art through us:

The prices listed for each piece do not include shipping. Before making payment for your purchase please contact us via e-mail, we will then calculate the shipping costs email them back to you and then you can proceed to make payment by www.2checkout.com or Bank Transference. To ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase you are entitled to a 5 day approval period. If you are not satisfied with your newly acquired piece you may contact us within 5 days and we will refund the purchase price. The customer agrees to pay for the cost of shipping the piece back to us.


La Antigua Galleria de Arte is not a shipping company. We will facilitate and make arrangements for the shipping of your purchases but we are not responsible for any damage occurred during transit of the pieces. Paying the respective insurance for the shipping of the pieces is always recommendable. If the piece you purchased is damaged during transit you will have to contact the courier and make the respective claim within a 30 day period. La Antigua Galleria de Arte will help you with this procedure.

Your information:

As an Art Gallery we like to keep our clients and patrons informed of our upcoming shows. Your personal information such as e-mail addresses will be used to send you invitations to our shows and keep you informed about our latest arrivals. Your private information, such as telephone numbers, addresses and credit card information will only be used by gallery staff and will not be sold, transmitted or disclosed to anyone outside of La Antigua Galleria de arte.